Adventures in Dating – Looking for my compatible someone??

I was experimenting with Tinder since it seemed to me like an appropriate kind of dating app for someone who isn’t really settled in one location since it moves around with you but my friend knowing me and knowing that what I’m looking for is not really what Tinder offers, suggested that I try out one of those dating sites that asks you questions about who you are and what you like and then matches you with someone that it thinks you are compatible with.

So I sign up and it asks me a bunch of questions and I’m just finishing up answering these smart match type questions and I press enter … and boom there is my ex’s face on my screen!!! There he is, a dopey picture of him and his name is a slight variation of his actual name and it’s like ‘this is your top smart match!’ I panicked, dropped my device, picked it up again and immediately deleted my profile. Been there, tried that, we were horrible to and for eachother and if he’s my top match this dating site obviously has nothing to offer me.


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