I’m currently having an adventure living and working in the subarctic of Canada on the border of Labrador and Quebec. Living in a small remote place with 9 months of winter and temperatures that go below -40 and wind that goes up to 100KM an hour sometimes has really challenged me as a person in so many ways but I learned a lot from the experience – I went from a shy introverted city girl who had never driven in my life to now being able to drive a pickup truck in a blizzard, and being able to walk into a room with a hundred working mining men in it and being able to hold my own despite being the only woman in the room. I’ve learned to survive extreme situations and weather. I’m learning how to deal with being alone in an isolated and lonely place. I’ve learned that I’m capable of a lot more than I would have ever thought I was.

But after 3 years I think it’s almost time to move onto somewhere new. I have a restless heart, I don’t see myself as being the kind of person that settles down in one place and buys a house. I love to travel but I’m more inclined towards living in a new place for a few months then doing short trips. I like to really experience and get to  know the places I travel to.

I teach and I write and studied both of those subjects in University. I’m hoping to use those two skills in the near future to get myself around the world.


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